DECEMBER 20 - 23, 2017, BARC, Mumbai


National Laser Symposium - 26

LASER - A smart tool for futuristic world !!


ILA Short Courses

As in previous years, this year also the Indian Laser Association (ILA) is organizing three short courses on December 18th and 19th, 2017 (immediately preceding the National Laser Symposium, NLS-26 during December 20-23, 2017) at BARC, Mumbai. The broad objective of this course is to make individuals who are launching their research careers in the field of Laser and its allied Technology. These courses are envisioned for young scientists, engineers, professionals and research students working in relevant fields.

The course will be highly beneficial to understand the philosophy of research and introduce them to various tools that can help improve their research and problem solving skills. The courses will run for two days (Dec. 18th and 19th, 2017) and will be conducted in parallel.

Course I :

Photonic Sensors: Fundamental to Applications

Course Coordinators: Prof. B. D. Gupta, IIT Delhi & Prof. T. Kundu, IIT Bombay

The above course will cover the following aspects:

  • • Fundamentals of light propagation in waveguide - concept of guided modes & evanescent wave
  • • Design and development of biosensor, pathogens & explosive detection sensors - operating principle & applications
  • • Introduction to fiber gratings - Basics of fiber gratings, fabrication techniques
  • • Applications of Fiber grating in temperature sensor - Basic principle & field deployable sensors
  • • Applications of fiber grating in refractive index sensing
  • • Fiber grating based radiation dose & temperature sensors in nuclear environment
  • • Raman, Brillouin & Rayleigh scattering based optical fiber sensors
  • • Plasmonics and its applications in photonic sensing
  • • Live demonstration of FBG based temperature / strain sensor


Course II :

Advanced Laser Spectroscopy & its Applications in Atomic, Molecular & Cluster Physics

Course coordinators: Dr. Vas Dev & Dr. S. G. Nakhate, BARC, Mumbai

The above course will cover the following aspects:

  • • Elucidating complex diatomic molecular structures in supersonic molecular beams
  • • Elucidating complex metal cluster structures in supersonic molecular beams
  • • Ultra-narrow resonance spectroscopy & its application
  • • Resonance ionization spectroscopy of lanthanides / actinides
  • • Double resonance spectroscopy for investigation of intermolecular interactions
  • • Demonstration of laser cooling in alkali atoms
  • • Demonstration of photoionization spectroscopy of lanthanides / actinides
  • • Demonstration of Laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy of transition metal bearing molecules in supersonic molecular beam


Course III :

Laser Based Measuring Instruments: Technology & Applications

Course Coordinators: Shri A. S. Rawat & Nitin O. Kawade, BARC, Mumbai

The above course will cover the following aspects:

  • • An overview of Laser based measuring instruments & basics of uncertainty in measurement
  • • Electronic circuits for instruments - Photo-amplifier circuit, lock-in amplifier, microcontroller based circuit
  • • Laser based instruments for measurement of diameter, surface roughness , velocity , distance, displacement, vibration
  • • Optical components - Characteristics of different types of optics, Opto-mechanical mounts
  • • Laser based flourimeter, land levelling system etc.
  • • Working principle and applications of different types of Photo detectors
  • • Particle Image Velocimetry for flow visualisation, Interferometer based measurement of displacement, vibration using fibre optic
  • • Working principle of different types of lasers with special emphasis on Diode
  • • Laser based atomic clock & magnetometer
  • • Live demonstration of laser based instruments


All courses will run for two days (18th and 19th Dec. 2017) from 9:30 to 17:30 hrs and will be conducted in parallel. The number of participants may be limited to 30 per course. Registration for the courses will be done on first come first served basis. Persons interested to attend the courses are, therefore, advised to register at the earliest.

  • Intended Audience:
  • • M. Sc. / M. Tech. / Research Scholars
  • • Scientists / Engineers / Professionals interested in the chosen areas
  • Course Fee per participant :
  • •  ₹ 1000/- for ILA members / ILA corporate members
  • •  ₹ 1500/- for Non ILA members from Research Institutes, Universities
  • •  ₹ 2000/- for participants from Industry
  • Note:
  • • Course fee covers participant's kit, working lunch and tea during the duration of course.
  • • Please note that the course fee does not include lodging and boarding charges.

Registration for the courses:

    Download form .doc, .pdf

The transaction ID and date of the online payment must be mentioned in the form before sending it to the following email ID latest by 30th November 2017 at the following address.

Details for making ONLINE payment:

The course fee has to be paid ONLINE ONLY to the following bank account of the Indian Laser Association

Bank name & branch: State Bank of India, RRCAT-Sukhniwas branch, Indore
Current a/c number 34804906156
Branch IFS Code: SBIN0008484
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