ILA Short Courses preceding NLS-25 at KIIT, Bhubaneswar

Indian Laser Association (ILA) will be organizing the following two short courses on December 18 and 19, 2016 (immediately preceding the DAE-BRNS National Laser Symposium-25 (NLS-25) during December 20-23, 2016) at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Course I :

Techniques of Ultrafast Spectroscopy and their Applications in Photonic Materials

Course Coordinators: Dr. D.K. Palit, BARC, Mumbai

The above course will cover the following aspects:

  • Principle of generation of light pulses of ultrashort duration, amplification and characterization (ps to fs to as, nJ to J, MW to PW, X-ray to THz, autocorrelation technique.)
  • Techniques of ultrafast spectroscopy and excitation dynamics in molecules and materials (Pump – probe spectroscopy in absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy in the UV-Visible – IR –THz region, X-ray and electron diffraction, Ultrafast excitation dynamics in molecules in gas phase, solutions and nanoaggregates and possible applications in photonics.)
  • Nonlinear optical spectroscopic techniques for investigating ultrafast processes (Second and third order nonlinear effects, Transient gating, transient optical Kerr effect and transient dichroism, Four wave mixing techniques, 2D electronic and vibrational spectroscopy, CARS, photon echo, and VSFG techniques.)
  • Ultrafast Electronic and Structural Dynamics in Solids and Nanostructures (Interaction of ultrashort laser pulses with solids, Relaxation of solids, Coherent and incoherent phonon dynamics, charge transport effects, Heat diffusion in nanostructures, photo-acoustic nanoscience, ultrafast structural dynamics using electron diffraction, Ultrafast magnetization dynamics.)
  • Ultrafast Dynamics Driven by Intense Light Pulses.

Course II :

Recent Advances in Laser Material Processing"

Course coordinators: Dr. A.K. Nath, IIT Kharagpur

The above course will cover the following aspects:

  • Lasers in Material Processing Applications ( Different types of lasers for material processing applications and laser material interaction- effects of wavelength, intensity & pulse duration)
  • Laser Cutting (Fiber laser cutting of thick plates, striation-free cutting and underwater laser cutting)
  • Laser Welding (Conduction, keyhole and hybrid welding, welding of dissimilar materials)
  • Laser Surface Engineering (Laser surface transformation hardening; Surface remelting, alloying, and cladding)
  • Laser Additive Manufacturing
  • Laser Metal Forming (Basic mechanisms, 2D and 3D forming, & modelling)
  • Laser Shock Peening
  • Laser Drilling, Marking & Surface Texturing
  • Laser Micro-machining & Nano- Fabrication

General information:

Both courses will run for two days (18th and 19th Dec. 2016) from 9:30 to 17:30 hrs and will be conducted in parallel. The number of participants may be limited to 30 per course. Registration for the courses will be done on first come first served basis. Persons interested to attend the courses are, therefore, advised to register at the earliest.

    Intended Audience:
  • M. Sc. / M. Tech./ Research Scholars
  • Scientists/ Engineers/ Professionals interested in the chosen areas

    Course Fee per participant :
  •  ₹1000/- for ILA members/ILA corporate members
  •  ₹1500/- for Non ILA members from Research Institutes, Universities
  •  ₹2000/- for participants from Industry

  • Course fee covers participant's kit, working lunch and tea during the duration of course.
  • Please note that the course fee does not include lodging and boarding charges.

Registration for the courses:

    Download form .doc, .pdf

The transaction ID and date of the online payment must be mentioned in the form before sending it to the following email ID latest by 30th November 2016 at the following address: Email:,Phone: 0731-2488388.

Details for making ONLINE payment:

The course fee has to be paid ONLINE ONLY to the following bank account of the Indian Laser Association

Bank name & branch: State Bank of India, RRCAT-Sukhniwas branch, Indore
Current a/c number 34804906156
Branch IFS Code: SBIN0008484
Swift Code: SBININBB570


Dr Manoj Gupta,
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